Hot Topic Barbie Studded Release Info

Hot Topic Barbie Studded Release Info

Hot Topic retailer is joining the Barbie fun. Photos have just started to surface of a new Barbie studded - and this one is sooooo much better than the Cinemark release. I think this goes without saying but this is NOT Starbucks brand.

I have called all of the stores in my area (Sacramento, California) and none have received their shipments. The woman who answered the phone mentioned that they get shipments multiple times a week, and there is a possibility they will get them in tomorrow. START CHECKING YOUR STORES!! 

Are these available online? I have looked through every page of Barbie merchandise on Hot Topic's website and have not seen any sign of the studded - but that doesn't mean it's not coming. It has been said that Hot Topic will post them for sale on their website by the 30th of July. Once Hot Topic's customer support department opens tomorrow, I will reach out to get more information on when/if it will be available online. 

Price? The tumbler is reported to be ~$16USD + tax 

Barbie The Movie Pink Studded Hot Topic Tumbler Cup Cinemark Starbucks

Credit: Lupe Yarina 

Credit: Lauren Jones 

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