Shipping policy


Shipping policy

  • Shipping Timeline/Policy: Each item has different shipping timelines; please refer to the product listing to see the estimated shipping time. Once an order is placed, buyers should receive a confirmation email - if you do not receive this, please reach out. If you cannot wait, do not order. Due to COVID, there is the possibility of unforeseen delays; you will be updated accordingly. NO RETURNS. NO RETURNS DUE TO TIME. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 
  • NOTE: All orders with 2+ items will be shipped together according to the item with the latest shipping date. If you wish to receive some items earlier, we suggest purchasing products with earlier shipping dates separately.
  • Colors: Color resolution changes from screen to screen; I do my best to photograph each item in a manner that depicts its true colors. It is not unusual for tumblers to have imperfections due to manufacturer shipping or manufacturer defects. I do not accept returns. All sales are final. Buyers are responsible for reading these terms before purchasing.
  • Non-valid address 1 of 2: If your address is incorrect and your package needs to be shipped to a different address than what's on your account, I will refund your initial payment, then send you another invoice for the previous amount + fee I was charged for refunding. It is the buyers' responsibly to have an up-to-date address when checking out. 
  • Non-valid address 2 of 2: It is the buyers' responsibility to ensure that your address is CORRECT when checking out. If the package is sent back, it will be the buyers' responsibility to pay for additional shipping. IF THE PACKAGE IS COMING FROM CHINA AND CANNOT BE DELIVERED, THE POSTAL SERVICE WILL DESTROY THE PACKAGE. SB Rules Everything will NOT refund any payments if your address is incorrect at checkout. We will NOT pay for a second cup to be shipped to you if your package is destroyed due to checking out with an incorrect address or if your address is missing an information. Please double check your address at checkout.

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On my good days, you'll find me with a messy bun, iced coffee & a blueberry muffin in hand - hopefully, many of you can relate. My name is Taylor, and I am a seasoned enthusiast and collector of all things Starbucks.

Starbies Rules Everything was created in May 2020 after feeling like the current sellers were falling short. I was sick of placing orders with overseas sellers only for the tumblers to arrive thrown in a box with no protection or love.

My solution was to create a community that prioritizes:
•Packing thoughtfully (with free gifts)
•Securing every release
•Excellent communication
•Assurance that all packages will arrive in one piece

As all things do, this site has started to evolve into not just a store but a source of information relative to all things Starbucks. We regularly give our members insider information on new releases (photos + dates), and review HTF & new release pieces on our YouTube Channel!

Community is everything and more! Our biggest hope is that we can continue growing this amazing Starbies family. Please shoot us a message if you have any question or feedback - we'd love to hear from you!