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Copper Tail Stainless Steel - Dubai

Copper Tail Stainless Steel - Dubai

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NOTE: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns or exchanges. IF THERE IS A BUNDLE OPTION, IT IS THE BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT BUNDLE. All orders with 2+ items will be shipped together according to the item with the latest shipping date. If you wish to receive some items earlier, we suggest purchasing products with earlier shipping dates separately.

Capacity: Unknown

Material: SS

Color: Multi


Estimated Arrival: Tumblers are being shipped from Dubai to California and will take ~30 days to get to me (there is a possibility of delays). Once I’ve received the shipment, I will repack each individual order and have in the mail within 24 hours.



Shipping Dubai ->CA: ~30 days

Handling: 24 hours after shipment is received in CA.

Shipping: 1-7 days priority USPS

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